A study of effects of incivility of nursing staff on patients’ health management in public hospitals

A study of effects of incivility of nursing staff on patients’ health management in public hospitals


  • Muhammad Asif Chuadhry Shifa Tameer-e-Millat, University, Islamabad
  • Chuadhry Yasir Mehmood Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad.


Incivility, Patient Health, Hospital, Nurses, Healthcare Management


 The study aimed to examine the incivility of nursing staff and its effect on their performance in public sector hospitals. The study was carried out in one of the public sector hospitals namely the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). PIMS is a general hospital with all medical facilities in Islamabad having a large number of nursing staff and respectively patients.  The objectives of the said study is to identify the factors related to the incivility of the nursing staff working in the public sectors hospitals. Another objective of the study is to know the relationship between incivility of nurses on patients’ health in public sector hospitals. The data collected through questionnaires from the hospital staff and patients. The result of the study prevailed that, inconsiderate behavior, free riding, gossip, and rumors were incivility indicators of the nurses working in PIMS. It was also found that emotional state, physical comfort, psychological support, pain management, and physical independence indicate the patient's recovery outcomes. Further, demographic factors that, gender, age, and qualifications of patients were recorded to analyze the characteristics of the population. It was concluded from the results that incivility is multiple factors constructs, and these entire factors are associated with each other. It was also found incivility of nurses negatively affects patients’ health. It was recommended from the results that hospitals as health services organizations may conduct need assessment programs for nurses to explore the causes of their incivilities and disruptive behaviors.


Author Biography

Chuadhry Yasir Mehmood, Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University, Islamabad.

 The said paper is extrcted from the original research study of yasir chuadhry.