Impact of Visual Aesthetics and Market Mavenism on Brand Personality: Mediating Role of Brand Experience: Evidence from Pakistan’s Automobile Sector


  • Rahatulaain Ahmad Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Western Australia (6027)
  • Faizan Abdullah Management Studies Department Government College, University, Lahore
  • Hafiza Rabia Saeed Hashmi UCP Business School University of Central Punjab, Lahore


Aesthetics, Market Mavenism, Brand personality, Brand Experience, AMOS, Automobile Sector


The motivation behind this paper is to evaluate the mediating role of Brand Experience in relationship between Visual Aesthetics, Market Mavenism and Brand Personality in the Automobile sector of Pakistan. This study is based on data from 306 participants who worked in automobile sector in Pakistan. AMOS (22.0) was used to carry out analysis. A pilot study was first employed on responses from 50 participants prior to the field activity to avoid any invalid or irrelevant data. Results of the study enlighten that Visual Aesthetics, Market Mavenism and Brand Experience impact the Brand personality positively, whereas, Brand Experience partially mediates the relationship between Brand personality and Visual Aesthetics. Similarly, Brand Experience also mediates the relationship between Market Mavenism and Brand Personality. Specifically, Visual Aesthetics and Market Mavenism have the ability to enhance the Brand Experience and Brand Personality and vice versa. This study contributes to novel theory based and practice based insights to the factors impacting brand personality. Specifically, identification of Brand Experience as a mediating variable in the process, it adds value to the existing knowledge.